sentence2Curriculum content should be planned to make use of the areas of activity and interest, to extend knowledge, language and imagination and help children grow from what they already know to what they need to know. The program should be based on an understanding of basic child development and current research recognizing children’s individual differences, dependent nature, growing independence, physical energy, unique creativity, and that children learn best from first hand experiences rather than verbal instruction.

The relationships between teacher and child should be characterized by sympathetic understandings and gentle guidance based on an awareness of whatever problems a child faces. The teacher’s main role is to reinforce the child’s own learnings, and to challenge the child to continually build on what they already know.

Curriculum includes experiences with music, movement, art, literature, language, mathematics and science in an educational program that encourages the acquisition of concepts and skills through experimentation and discovery. Activities such as running, climbing, bike-riding, balancing, and digging develop large muscles and build strong, healthy bodies.