What Makes DBCC Different?


  • We play! Downtown Baltimore Child Care is an early care and education center where young children are enriched by each other, caring relationships with the teachers, a stimulating environment, and a carefully planned emergent curriculum. DBCC’s focus on child development and play allows the children to meaningfully integrate physical, social, cognitive, and academic growth while they pursue their own interests and learn to cooperate in a group.
  • DBCC’s motto, “Childhood should be a journey, not a race,” embodies our humanistic philosophy of early childhood education. Our curriculum does not begin with a pre-programmed schedule of themes, topics, and events designed by outside experts. Instead, it begins with each individual child. In order to learn, children first need to have their physical and emotional needs met—they need to be fed, rested, and healthy. They need to feel secure and loved. They need to feel confident and capable that their environment be safely explored. Having these needs met consistently allows children in their infancy and early childhood years to develop trust, autonomy, and the skills to plan and act with purpose. A prerequisite for all learning is the ability to take risks. Children whose needs are met will more likely be able to explore and to take initiative for their own learning.
  • DBCC uses the Maryland State approved Creative Curriculum as a guide for all age groups. DBCC offers a program that focuses on not only what children learn, but also how children learn. DBCC’s program integrates physical, social, emotional, and intellectual experiences for individual growth and development. Play is at the center of DBCC’s program and we plan our curriculum based on the children’s interests, strengths, and needs. The structure in our program can be found in the carefully designed classroom environment and in the types of interactions that occur between children and teachers. Each Classroom is arranged to optimize active, open-ended play and exploration. Teachers engage in authentic conversations with children, asking open-ended questions and using language to extend a child’s knowledge as they play.We are proud to think that today’s DBCC students could one day use the skills fostered in our school to create a positive change in a family, a community, or even the world.