Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

As a non-profit child care center we depend on contributions to keep tuition ​affordable to working parents, and to assist low-income families.

We feel it is important for children from all economic levels to have access to DBCC’s high quality childcare – not just those whose parents can afford it. For that reason, we give financial aid to about 20% of our enrolled children.

While some of this aid comes from outside sources, 7% of DBCC’s own operating funds support these grants—it’s that important to us. And it’s even more important to those children. It is no secret that children’s success in school starts with high quality early childhood experiences—child care situations and pre-school education. DBCC has the best to offer in the city; we have been voted “Baltimore’s Best” childcare on several occasions.

Please consider investing in our children—they may never know your name, but they will learn so much more than if they were “watched” by a television set all day every day. We can guarantee that they will be better prepared for a successful school experience and productive adulthood, and we are pretty sure we can guarantee that you will feel good about your participation.​​​​​​